Available for Live Illustration

Looking for a unique way to celebrate an event you're hosting? Give guests a personal gift to take home with them and remember you by. In 5-10 minutes I draw a personal potrait in my fashion illustration style. Of course variations within a theme are also possible. For prices and availability please email to work.roxyvanbemmel@gmail.com

Live illustration clients include: Buddha to Buddha, Sustainable Wardrobe, Fris! Utrecht, De Leuke festival..

Please feel free to piss in the garden graduation collection

I found inspiration in selfies of others that depersonalized themselves by using strange perspectives. Their bodies so deformed they weren't people anymore but mere objects. Our whole view of self has been altered through the use of filters. As a contrast my models are unique personalities with a rebellious tendency, they would feel free to lift up their gowns and piss in your garden. I used this concept throughout the year in other projects and so it transformed. The perspectives I used changed, I reused drapings I made with pre-existing garments but from another point of view than I had before. I added colours and kitsch prints to add a layer of humour and recognisability. Everything adds up to this psychedelic dream where you wouldn't want to wake up.

Campaign photos by Roxy van Bemmel & Mette Zijlema

Catwalk photos by Team Peter Stigter

Pre-collection campaign photos by Roxy van Bemmel

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fashion illustration 2018-now

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paintings 2018-now

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All paintings shown are available for sale or exhibition. For prices and information email Roxy.


Publications include Vogue.com, the Issue, the Hague and de Nationale Opera.

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Roxy creates strong individual characters in her fashion illustrations, sometimes they are based off of someone she crossed in the street, a picture she saw on instagram or someone is created fully in her mind. Her background in fashion design makes her understand the high fashion garments she illustrates from a designers point of view, so she can create her pictures more freely. If created from reference her characters always contain the essence of the person she referenced, they never look a like but they could exist as sisters in an alternate universe.

After graduating as a fashion designer from ArtEZ Arnhem in 2017, she started focusing on doing what she has always loved: drawing and painting from a fashion point of view. She loves collaborating with magazines doing editorial illustration and working from concepts, as well as collaborating with other artists and come to creative solutions together. Most of all she likes to tell stories with her images.

Her clients include Mirror Mirror Magazine, Deseda Scarves.

Roxy is available for editorial illustration, live illustration and print design. She is also looking for a place to exhibit her work for the first time. Email for more information.


Every season I create a new selection of prints and postcards to produce for my webshop. For more information about items, click on the link below!